This is a cross between the Halbert and the Mahan varieties. This pecan has an abundance of dark green foliage and is a consistent bearer of heavy, high quality nuts. We have seen as many as nine nuts in one cluster. Wichita follows Western in sales and production once you get anywhere west of Abilene. With good management, Wichita has performed well in the area just west of the lower I-35 corridor.

The nuts are of medium size, about 60 normal nuts are required to make a pound. The nut is moderately elongated in shape, like the Schley. The nuts are usually very well filled. The Wichita is protogynous in blooming (late pollen shedding). The Wichita is recommended in areas where western varieties do well. • The #1 money maker in the state overall.


Note: Pecan Trees cannot be shipped to Arizona or California.

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