About Womack Nursery


Womack Nursery’s roots run back as far as the Great Depression in the mid 1920’s. During this time James H. Womack moved from West, Texas to Erath County looking for work. After moving to Erath County, he began to work at Fitzgerald’s Nursery near Stephenville, Texas. He, along with 7 other families, lived and worked on the nursery. Fitzgerald Nursery grew fruit and nut trees that were dug by hand and delivered throughout the United States. During the Depression seed companies and nurseries such as Fitzgerald’s were some of the few businesses that thrived, due to people looking for economic ways to provide food for their families.

In 1937 James H. Womack moved to Comanche County and purchased a 180 acre tract of land that Womack Nursery Company sits on today. In the early stages of the company, Mr. Womack shipped packages through Parcel Post and would sell trees out of the back of his truck at county squares. Sometime during the mid forties, he began publishing a mail order pamphlet. This pamphlet, which has now been developed into the Womack Nursery catalog, is currently mailed all over the United States. For generations it has been a long standing source of information about different varieties of fruit trees, berries, and nut trees.

Larry Jim and James H. Womack

Larry Jim & James H. Womack

After graduating from Texas A&M University in 1958, Mr. Womack’s son, Larry Jim, came back to assist his father in operating his now growing business. After the passing of James H Womack in 1964, Larry Jim Womack continued to operate the nursery with his wife, Lajoice. Their son, Larry Don Womack, came to work by his father’s side after he graduated from Tarleton State University in 1983.   Today Womack Nursery Company is still thriving under the leadership of Larry Don. He is blessed to still work along side of his father, whom still assists in the operation of the company. They pride themselves in providing quality fruit and pecan trees to their many valued customers.

The operation today consists of over 3,000 acres of owned and leased land that includes approximately 100 acres of nursery stock and a very diverse rotation of other agriculture enterprises.

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Directions: From I-20 W, take Exit 361 and go South on Hwy. 16 to De Leon. At the intersection of Hwy. 6, take Hwy. 6 West out of De Leon, and drive 4.5 miles. Look for our sign on the North side of the Hwy.