A cross between Mahan and Major. Lakota is scab resistant and has a medium susceptibility to yellow and black aphids. Lakota is showing good production to the northern areas of Texas as well as Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Illinois. As one of the more recent USDA releases, Lakota carries the traits of heavy bearing, early to bear, cream to gold kernel color and easy shelling. Lakota’s exterior character- istics include being an oblong oval with an acute point and rounded base. Size for this variety is about 59 nuts per pound and has shelled out 62% kernel. Tree structure is upright growth, vigorous, and strong limb angles. The Lakota is protogynous in blooming (late pollen shedding). Lakota is eastern variety and is fast becoming our number three best seller for commercial producers.

*** Also available on northern rootstock, making these varieties more adaptable to I-40 and above. 

Note: Pecan Trees cannot be shipped to Arizona or California.

Note:  All trees 5-6' and above must be picked up at the nursery.

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