Cheyenne Pecan (1)

This pecan resulted as a cross of the Clark and Odom varieties. The Cheyenne bears heavy and early after planting. The nuts are medium size (55-60 nuts per pound) and usually contain 57%-61% kernel. The kernels are relatively loose within the shell, making the Cheyenne nuts easy to shell with commercial machinery.

The Cheyenne is protandrous in blooming (early pollen shedding) and is an excellent choice for pollinating such varieties as Wichita.

The variety is well tested in the Western area, and is also doing well in Eastern Regions. Thin shell and high quality kernel.

Shipping Note:

No more than 2 (4-5’) pecan trees can be shipped by UPS or USPS due to package size limits. If shipment of larger trees is desired, the shipment method will be by Motor Freight or pick up at nursery. (ALL PRICES FOB NURSERY) Some varieties in 8-10’ available for pick up at nursery. Also, larger quantities of larger trees will be a factor in shipment method. Pecan trees shipped out of State, will be a minimum of $35.00 delivery.

Note: Pecan Trees cannot be shipped to Arizona or California.

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