Pecans (Field Fresh Trees)

Field Fresh Pecan Trees

We strive to supply our customers with trees which are freshly dug. Pecan roots are very susceptible to damage from drying out. Trees are carefully packed with moisture retaining material around the roots to maintain a damp condition while in transit.

Pecan trees are a perishable product. The "liveability" of field fresh pecan trees is much greater than trees which have been dug for weeks or months and are carelessly handled.

You will find us referring to western and eastern varieties in this catalog. Eastern varieties are resistant to leaf disease, thus are more able to grow in humid areas. These eastern varieties can be grown satisfactorily in the West. We do not recommend western varieties in the East because of leaf disease problems. For a rough boundary line for eastern and western varieties, draw a line from San Antonio through Ft. Worth to Tulsa.