Dixie Red Tomato

100 seeds

85 days from sowing, 65 days from transplant. Quite early for such for such a large fruit type. 11-11.5 oz, deep oblate fruit range in size from 3" x 2.5" up to 3.5" x 3". Strong, broad 6-disease package includes F3, TSW and Nematode resistance and confers good potential for high yield of large fruit, even in hotset conditions. Good red color inside and out. Can be used for green ripening or for vine ripe harvests due to earliness and large size. Vigorous mediumdeterinate vines form good leaf canopy for sunburn protection. Recommendation: DO NOT PRUNE. Dixie Red bodes well to become a workhorse tomato. Resistant TSWV, ASC, F1-3, ST, VW1. Med Resistance N. Fresh Local, Shipping, Vine Ripe, Green Ripening

Collections: Garden Seed

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