California Blackeye #5 Pea

1 lb.

Most popular of all Southern peas across the country! Rich, lightly sweet flavor and meaty texture. Dark black-eye trademark on its white shell. Can use as green shell or dry peas. Early maturing. 6-8"L pods, well-filled with medium-large seeds. Vigorous, heavy yielding, 16-18"H upright to semi-spreading vines. Fair drought resistance. Great fresh, frozen, or canned.

**Cowpeas, Southern Peas, are the most productive and heat tolerant legumes around. Cowpeas come in bush, vine, tall and short varieties. Great for stopping soil erosion and weed suppression. Cowpeas make an excellent Nitrogen source ahead of fall-planted crops and attract many beneficial insects. Cowpeas grow well on poor land and add lots of organic matter to the soil. Also, they make a good animal fodder crop.

Collections: Garden Seed

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